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72 add


Trop bien, très prenant


Ne marche pas sous iphone 6s et ios 9.2.1


Macht total süchtig :)


Das Spiel macht total spaß...hohe Suchtgefahr...

Great game! Id love a French version though :-)

Great game! This game is like a cross between scrabble and Rubiks cube. Its really easy to learn but it can get pretty hard to master. It can get addictive pretty quickly. And at 4$ I think its a real bargain. The game is very professionally done. Now I hope theyll add a French version. But I definitely recommend it.

Very addicting, but some minor improvements needed

This game is a lot of fun. It takes a while to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, its very addicting. However, the only real goal of the game as of right now is to reach a personal high score, which can get old. An online scoreboard or other modes like a time attack mode or something more would make the game worth a full 5-star rating. As of now though, its still a lot of fun. If you like games like Scrabble or Boggle then youll love this.

Simple but good

Clever game. Nice graphics and presentation. Could use one or two additional gameplay modes to keep it interesting.


Amazing game! Nice graphics, sound effects and addicting! I love it!!!! A must have! Genius invention XD

Excellent crossword puzzler!

I have no idea who put up any negative reviews and why on earth they would... I think this game is excellent. Its free too! If you like crosswords/ boggle/ scrabble - youll love this game. Very good interface and so easy to control. Great Job! Thank you!

Love this game.

Easy to understand. Challenging but at the same time, simple. If you enjoy scrabble, crossword and sudoko puzzles, youll love this game.

5 star

Its good and my score was 13935550


Im addicted to this game LOL

Great thought provoking spin

This is a fanastic game for anyone who likes to play with words.

A real thinking game - finally

Turn your brain on.

SO Addictive

Really great app! Helps pass the time!

Word game WIN!!

Cant stop!!! Takes a minute to catch on, but when u do, look out!!!! SO SO SO SO good!!!!


Love this game. Just need to fix the occasional unexpected shut down. Not sure how it happens.

Word challenges

It took a bit to figure out how to play the game but now Im hooked. Cant figure out how to get the super high scores yet. If you like games like boggle, scrabble, word wrap youll enjoy this game. Its never shut down on me (hope I didnt jinx myself)

Love this game!!!

Addictive!!! great game!

Great fun

Takes time to figure out and it just gets better

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